goes live with a first-class customer service in just two weeks

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Date : 01/13/2000 goes live with a first-class customer service in just two weeks

Quality CRM guaranteed with MATRAnetís M>WebTouch 2.0

Redwood Shores, Cailfornia, USA. Assurdiscount, a leading Internet discount insurance broker, has selected M>WebTouch 2.0, MATRAnetís customer service solution for Web-based businesses, to help it deliver a first-class customer care service to its online customers. Assurdiscount is a French company with key partners such as EquitÈ (subsidiary of the Generali Group), Swiss RÈ and ERC Frankona (subsidiary of General Electric).

Insurance contracts are inherently complex issues. They call for a high level of interaction between the customer and the advisor, and therefore cannot be done simply by e-mail. Assurdiscount needed a solution capable of maximizing its contacts with its potential customers via the Net. They wanted to offer their e-customers the same standard of service that they would have obtained had they been face to face with an advisor.

M>WebTouch gives visitors the opportunity to establish a real interactive dialogue with an advisor on the Net using live interactive chat. The information on each visitor is then collected thanks to WebTouchís advanced tracking and profiling features. As it is an easy solution to deploy, the data obtained on visitors can be kept in-house, thereby ensuring Assurdiscount retains complete control over its client database.

ìBy setting up M>WebTouch in barely two weeks, we have demonstrated how easy it is to install and integrate this solutionî notes Christophe Decaux, European Marketing Director of MATRAnet. ìAssurdiscount is a typical start-up that has understood that simply setting up a web site is no longer enough; visitors must also be offered a personalized first-class customer service.

About M>WebTouch 2.0

M>WebTouch 2.0 is aimed at companies wanting to boost their Web siteís performance and provide their customers with a personalized service. It is the ideal solution for services such as home banking, e-commerce (especially sectors in which a direct contact between customers and retailers is critical to the success of the sale), hot lines (maintenance, technical support, product support, etc.) and training (distance learning, document services).

The first contact a potential customer has with a company via the Net is often by e-mail. With its intelligent call routing and e-mail management tools, M>WebTouch handles this key function automatically and efficiently, thereby ensuring a quality customer care service.

In addition, it dynamically tracks customers each time they visit the site, instantly providing the retailer with customer profiles and details on their areas of interest. Then, thanks to its intelligent routing system, M>WebTouch connects potential customers to the most suitable agent capable of dealing with their query. A dialogue can subsequently be engaged, either via e-mail or directly via live interactive chat.

Lastly, M>WebTouch provides retailers with the ability to analyze their web site in real-time and to review their siteís performance based on customer browsing patterns. With M>WebTouch, companies can quickly evaluate the impact of their sites and online projects on brand awareness and revenue. It allows them to measure accurately the effectiveness of their Web-based marketing campaigns (advertising, content, etc.) and analyze their siteís traffic in greater depth.

M>WebTouch is available through the MATRAnet distribution network, encompassing high value-added integrators and VARs dedicated to e-business. This involves some thirty partners in France and around fifty worldwide.

M>WebTouch starts at FF60, 000 (excluding sales tax) for the e-mail version and FF90, 000 (excluding sales tax) for the Chat/Voice over IP version.