Real-time, personal connections

Guide your customers to success through enhanced, personalized real-time service and support throughout their journey, when and where they need it most.


Boost Sales, Reduce Abandonment

Proactively engage and guide with advanced chat by connecting at the right time and place to lift sales, prevent abandoned baskets and even increase their value rate.


Fast AI-powered Chat

Use AI to automatically analyze questions and recommend relevant answers, by extending your knowledge base your agents can deliver more consistent, informed responses.


Personalized Intelligence

Stand out from your competitors by giving your agents easy access to previous interactions history, enabling them to respond with a deeper understanding of their requirements.

Proactive Engagement

Use advanced tools and rule engine to define content and context sensitive engagement rules for individualised, proactive engagement.

Collaborative Co-browsing and Guidance

Guide your customers with processes or forms by reading data and highlighting areas or errors, without re-loading or submitting the page.

Real-time Analysis and Monitoring

Monitor visitors on your pages via dashboard for current and historical statistics of visitor behavior, as well as your agents workload.

Click to call and outgoing audio or video

Use video and/or audio to communicate with the customer, both one and two-way. Agent can switch seamlessly between text, audio, audio/video.

Phone to Co-browsing

Link an ongoing phone call to a web session, by combining the call with visual guidance on the website via a meeting code.

Best Response with 360 Visibility

Eptica automatically suggests the best responses; 360° customer visibility makes it even easier to personlise messaging before sending.

Intelligent Routing

Build conversation distribution flow by brand, language, agent competence, request subject, priority level and more based on real online behavior

Asynchronous Messaging Support

Communicate with customers asynchronously through Facebook Messenger, SMS and other Messaging apps.

Chatbot Integration

Integrate live chat with our chatbot to offer the best mix between automated and augmented conversations to your visitors.

Trusted by leading brands and organizations

From banking, insurance, retail, tourism to the public sector, Eptica transforms digital customer conversations worldwide.


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