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Linguistics Consulting

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Thanks to Eptica's high expertise, linguistics is at the heart of our entire product set and we have a dedicated Linguistic team with over 20 years’ experience. Eptica Linguistic Services is the engine that powers all of our linguistic capabilities, driving service excellence by embedding it across every channel.

Our advanced Natural Language Processing automatically analyzes incoming interactions to detect key message elements, language and sentiment, enabling queries to be quickly routed to the right agent, along with recommended responses. By understanding the context of questions asked, our Linguistic Search feature delivers faster, more accurate answers to customers, whatever type of language they use, as well as providing powerful insight into customer behavior, which feeds into Voice of the Customer programs.

Linguistics delivers major benefits to hard-pressed customer service teams. And it doesn’t have to involve a complete change to your infrastructure. By working with customer service software that has strong linguistic capabilities built in you can evolve your operations painlessly, achieving a fast ROI as well as benefiting in four key areas:

  • 1

    Achieve Higher First Contact Resolution (FCR) rates

  • 2

    Increase satisfaction by letting your customers speak

  • 3

    Grow business and prevent customer churn

  • 4

    Listen to the Voice of your Customers to best meet their needs

    To cope with the scale of customer service in an omnichannel world, businesses need to look at smarter ways of working. The linguistic technology within the Eptica Customer Engagement Suite™ allows customer service teams to benefit from a powerful new perspective, enabling them to improve the quality of customer service and work together with the rest of the business to understand consumer behavior. We believe linguistics will be a vital component of tomorrow’s customer service and, with Eptica, customers can benefit from this future innovation now.