Our Approach



Conversational and collaborative solutions to enhance digital CX:
increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and drive sales.


Engage in conversation on your customers’ channels of choice, seamlessly spanning every interaction and all touchpoints.


Bring together all queries into single flow and knowledge base, shared across departments and channels for better service.


Treat everyone as an individual by using Natural Language Processing and machine learning to deliver the best results, personalize relationships and improve the experience throughout the customer journey.

We are passionate

About enabling companies to place digital customer engagement at the heart of their strategy.

Automated Conversations

Help your customers help themselves: automate simple queries and free up agents to handle more complex interactions.

Augmented Agents

Bring together technology and human emotional intelligence to deliver the most relevant and personalized responses.


Convert digital conversations into actionable insights that advance CX and add value to your business.

Self Service >

Help your customers to help themselves, make answers easily available via your website or mobile apps.

Chatbot >

Provide conversational self-service for your customers 24/7, easily escalate more complex questions to a human expert.

Knowledge Base >

Arm your agents with knowledge to deliver up-to-date, relevant responses. Share with all and enrich continuously.

Chat >

Support and guide customers in real-time, navigate together and make personal connections when they need it most.

Email >

Deliver personalized and accurate responses, reduce handling times and boost First Contact Resolution rates.

Social >

Be more social. Engage with your customers and protect your brand reputation: listen, respond and interact.

vecko >

Convert digital customer conversations into actionable insights to transform CX and drive business success.

vecko minisite >

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