Social Customer Experience: Listen, Respond and Engage

Deliver great customer service and support on social media; flag and resolves issues before they put your brand at risk


Be more social

Connect with customers online, ensure your best people are engaged in delivering the relevant, personalized responses.


Protect your reputation

Analyze and flag comments automatically to help resolve customer complaints before they become serious, public issues.


Reach out and engage

Personalize conversations with 360° customer visibility, respond or proactively identify customer opportunities.

Real-time gathering of key social media

Eptica is always listening, analyzing the tone, delivering valuable insight and highlighting priority comments requiring an immediate response.

Unified Customer Interaction Management

Social media comments are incorporated seamlessly, managed efficiently, tracked fully and recorded within Eptica, like any other customer interaction.

Intelligent Routing

Use advanced workflow capabilities to direct comments to reach any person in your organization and enable multiple people to collaborate together.

End-to-end Social Conversations

Social media posts are presented in context enabling agents to respond via Facebook and Twitter interfaces, or request help from other experts to process it.

Automatic Answer Suggestion

Natural Language Processing scans messages and automatically suggests one-click agent responses which can then be personalized or edited.

CRM Integration

When integrated with your CRM system, Eptica can also identify if the post is from an existing customer and add it to their individual record.

From retail, banking, insurance, tourism to the public sector, Eptica transforms digital customer conversations worldwide.

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