Brent Council One Stop Service uses Eptica Email Management to respond to 100% of email enquiries within a day

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Date : 10/01/2006

Brent Council One Stop Service uses Eptica Email Management to respond to 100% of email enquiries within a day

Brent Council One Stop Service joins a growing list of organisations to improve service and cut costs with Eptica Email Management.

Eptica, the leading email management solution provider, today announces that Brent Council One Stop Service has successfully implemented Eptica Email Management™ within its Telephone/Online Service based in Wembley. Brent Council One Stop Service will use Eptica Email Management to organise and automate the processing of electronic requests, by providing a personalised, relevant response process, to ensure that customers are serviced promptly, efficiently and consistently. The council joins a growing list of UK and European customers including Barclays Bank, Ikea, ING Direct, Danone, Total, Exxon, and The Parisian Chamber of Commerce.

The selection of Eptica Email Management was driven by a desire to meet service level agreements (SLA's) set by the One Stop Service to respond to 100% of inbound enquiries within one working day. The council was seeking a way to standardise the process of responding to emails and to reduce the time taken to respond to inbound email enquiries. The Telephone/Online Service at Brent Council receives forty to fifty thousand customer enquiries each month covering areas such as: Revenue and Benefits, Street Care and Environmental Health. Approximately 3% of all enquiries are generated by email, and this trend is growing.

Marjaneh Shahabi, Telephone/Online Strategic Operations Manager commented: ‘The telephone and Online teams were keen to reach the service levels set to meet customer expectations. Last year, a number of our agents had expressed concern that the system they were using was cumbersome, difficult to learn and ultimately inefficient in managing and dealing with inbound customer email enquiries.'

Eptica's Email Management solution today allows Brent Council to increase the speed and efficiency with which inbound electronic customer enquiries are met. However, reducing response times and increasing productivity was just one aspect of Brent Council's objectives. Eptica's solution has equally helped it improve its quality of service by standardising all email responses sent out by the Telephone/Online team, and thus ensuring customers receive correct and relevant information every time. In addition, Brent Council can now fully leverage Eptica's contact centre wide, sophisticated real-time monitoring and reporting features to streamline the workload and increase agent satisfaction.

Olivier Njamfa, CEO of Eptica commented: ‘Email is fast becoming the communication method of choice for customers seeking to get in touch with organisations of all sizes and vertical markets. We are delighted that Brent Council has benefited from effective real time email management and is now providing an enhanced level of service to customers, and delivering personalised replies faster than ever before.'