Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance


Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance

As a major player in the consumer credit market with a presence in 17 countries in Europe, as well as in China and Morocco, Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance (CA CF) offers its customers and partners financing solutions that are flexible, responsible and tailored to their needs.

With over 9 million customers globally, CA CF developed a Customer Intelligence Program to identify faults and disruption points along the customer journey in order to improve customer experience and retention and to grow revenues.

This program includes 100,000 annual feedback survey responses. While the quantitative VoC metrics, such as Net Promoter Scores (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT) and Customer Effort Scores (CES), perfectly met CA CF’s business needs, they wanted to improve how it analyzed the millions of verbatim comments…

Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance case study

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