EADS Development offers its business expertise to EPTICA, a MATRanet spin off

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Date : 12/10/2001

EADS Development offers its business expertise to EPTICA, a MATRanet spin off

EADS Development offers its business expertise to EPTICA, a MATRanet spin off 15 jobs are created

Boulogne-Billancourt, France. As part of its industrial seeding strategy and efforts in promoting the entrepreneurial spirit within the EADS group, EADS development offers its expertise to the newly founded company EPTICA, a MATRAnet spin off.


The newly established company EPTICA has not only benefited from the transfer, under preferential conditions, of MATRAnet's web call center solution, M>WebTouch, it has also inherited an existing client base rich of 20 or so references and an international presence in 10 countries throughout Europe and the world thanks to a network of international partners and VARs.

Amongst its list of clients, EPTICA boasts several large bleu-chip companies such as DealTime (USA), Peace Systems Integration (Taiwan), Mundoviaje.com (Spain) and Assurdiscount.com (France).

EPTICA has 15 team members, 5 of which come from MATRAnet. 9 other jobs creations have been planned over the next 3 years.

EPTICA an overview:

Eptica is a leading provider of e-CRM software solutions enabling e-business orientated companies or companies who want to take full advantage of their web site, to create, develop and manage in real-time their relationships with clients, suppliers or partners via the Internet.

Eptica Enterprise Suite M>WebTouch can be delivered through 3 modules:

  • E-Mail Management: efficiently manage a large number of incoming e-mails and provide your clients with fast, accurate, and personalized responses
  • Live Interaction: Interact with your customers via the Web using chat, Web page pushing, co-browsing or form-sharing
  • Profiling & Customer Behavior Analysis: Fully understand your customers, their needs and their expectations thanks to the module's tracking and profiling features

Key data:

  • A team of 15 people: 6 in France and 9 worldwide
  • The capital distribution is as follows:
  • Eptica principle founders and ex-MATRAnet employees (81,5%) Independent investors (18,5%)

Principle founders and Directors:

  • Olivier Njamfa: President
  • Thierry Gandilhon: Vice-President
  • Philippe Boisse: Sales Director

Eptica has signed a development agreement with EADS Development allowing it to benefit from advice and support regarding business and logistics issues in conjunction with the incubator IFSI (Ile de France Sud Incubation), an organization co-founded with the CEA (Commissariat for Atomic Energy), the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) and the University PARIS XI.

In addition to this, Eptica has been offered financial support: a loan, to help it create new jobs, and EADS Development's backing, to facilitate its current dealings regarding First Round Financing.


The triptych composed by EADS Development, MATRAnet (the EADS subsidiary that initiated the spin off) and the newly established EPTICA, bring together a group of people who understand each other as they all come from the same background: the EADS group.

For Pierre LANGER, President of MATRAnet: « to know that ex-colleagues are now being backed by a team of professionals with a proven track record is a guarantee for both EPTICA and us. It will enable us to objectively appreciate the company's development, its triumphs as well as its possible difficulties ».


It is a shareholder-owned company with a capital of 20 MF (3 M €) backed by a network of 12 Délégués Régionaux (Regional Delegates).

EADS Development is not only dedicated to promoting and helping companies within the group to develop new seedlings, it also offers its advice and support to innovative projects (of companies that are not part of the group) within a wide range of sectors, as long they present a credible Business Plan that will generate new jobs.

EADS Development masters a wide range of skills, that all put together form a new industrial trade that has huge perspectives: Developing Employment.

Hence, working in tight collaboration with the various HR Departments within the Group, EADS Development offers their employees a wide range of outside career opportunities.

EADS Development is directed by Gérard HUSSON.