Eptica | 2015 Multichannel Customer Experience Study released with infographics

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Eptica | 2015 Multichannel Customer Experience Study released with infographics


Issue 1, 2015



Welcome to the latest issue of the Eptica newsletter. We are delighted to present the new Eptica Multichannel Customer Experience Study which builds on research carried out since 2011, analyzing the responses of 100 leading organizations when it came to the web, email, chat and social media channels. Read on to discover how your industry fared in answering customers’ questions.


This issue also highlights recent trends in customer engagement and features Eptica’s success story with Vivastreet and EasyRoommate in a new case study, also available to download via our website.


  Customer Engagement Features & Articles

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Half of customer questions left unanswered, according to new multichannel study

Against a background of ever-more demanding consumers, the 2015 Eptica Multichannel Customer Experience Study has just been released – and it found a growing gap in customer service levels between the best and worst companies. Speed has improved, but too many companies are failing to provide a consistent answer across multiple channels, and far too many questions simply don’t receive a reply at all. You can see the headline results as an infographic here or download the full Management Report...

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New Case Study: Easyroommate and Vivastreet

Both Easyroommate and Vivastreet operate in competitive, global markets and are growing rapidly, for example the Easyroommate community has increased by 30% every year. This translates to a large number of incoming customer service interactions via phone, email, and on the web. Delivering an innovative, superior customer experience to every user is key to differentiating from rivals, building loyalty and repeat business...

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Is the spread of self-service slowing?

In 2011 Gartner predicted that by 2020, 85% of customer relationships would be run without human intervention. At the time it seemed a startling target, but in just four years self-service has become the norm for many transactions. For example, how many of us actually phone or visit a bank branch? And if we do, it tends to be just to pay in or take out money through a machine...

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Why improving email performance is vital for customer service

Delivering superior customer service is an increasing challenge for all. Companies need to cover more and more channels while meeting continually growing demands from consumers, often with no corresponding increase in budgets. No wonder that the temptation can be to re-allocate scarce resources away from traditional channels such as email in order to focus more heavily on the likes of social media...

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3 Key trends that will impact the delivery of customer service

The quality of customer service and customer engagement delivered by a company is key to how customers view it and helps to differentiate from competitors, as Gartner points out in a recent report about customer service. As part of this, Michael Maoz of Gartner highlights 3 key trends that will influence how customer service is delivered over the next few years...

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Extending customer service across the enterprise

Organizations today understand that customer service is everyone’s job and cannot be solely left to agents in the contact center. However, in a multichannel world consumer expectations are high – they want to receive consistent, personalized service no matter how they make contact and certainly don’t want to have to repeat themselves when they move between channels. Customers don’t care about departmental silos...

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Making it easy for customers

In today’s time-poor world, consumers increasingly pick who they buy from, and what channel they use, based on ease of use. This can be seen in the growth of local shopping at the expense of out of town supermarkets, as well as the rise of techniques such as Click and Collect that make it simple to pick up online purchases at a convenient location. This trend has been recognized by the growth...

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Advancing linguistics for an improved customer experience

Companies need to be constantly innovating to meet the changing needs of consumers. Advanced technology, such as systems built on linguistics, which enable organizations to better understand the content and tone of digital interactions such as email, tweets and web chats, are therefore central to delivering a better experience and consequently winning and retaining customers.

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5 ways knowledge management can transform your

If you ask consumers to list their main issues with poor customer service then receiving inaccurate, incomplete or plain wrong answers are normally at or near the top. However, contacting a company can often resemble a lucky dip, with consumers receiving a different answer depending on who they speak to or the channel they use...

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