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Eptica | 3 Ways of reducing customer query volumes


Issue 5, 2015



Welcome to the latest issue of the Eptica newsletter. This edition features our most popular articles from the Customer Engagement blog and links to our most recent white papers. If you would like to discuss any of the articles and papers, or schedule a demo of Eptica's multichannel customer interaction management software, please don't hesitate to contact us.


  Customer Engagement Features & Articles

customer querries

3 Ways of reducing customer query volumes

The volume of customer interactions, covering everything from questions about products and post-sales queries, to complaints and positive feedback, threatens to overwhelm many organizations. So how can you cope with this tidal wave of questions? What is needed is a combination of smart technology and productive staff to ensure that customers receive fast, accurate service that is personalized to their individual needs. More...

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widening gap

The widening UK customer experience gap

Customer experience vital to building and developing brand values - annoy enough consumers through poor service and your reputation will suffer. The balance of power has changed - your brand is what your customers say it is - not how you define it. The recent KPMG Nunwood 2015 UK Customer Experience Excellence Centre report, explains there has been scant change to customer service levels, with no overall improvement since 2013. Read on...

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retail channel

What's the best channel for retail customer service?

As we approach the holiday shopping season, it's a good time to look at how retailers perform when it comes to the customer experience and if they meet consumer expectations. Our new Retail Customer Experience Study evaluated 500 US retailers on their ability to provide answers to questions via the web, as well as their speed and accuracy when responding to email, Twitter, Facebook and chat. Click for 3 key findings...

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email management chapter
knowledge management

Delivering successful knowledge management projects

Knowledge management is at the heart of delivering the excellent customer service and this growing importance has been recognized in a new report by Forrester Research. It points out that organizations looking to deploy knowledge management need to focus on 4 areas if they want their project to succeed - and we added 2 more...

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customer hub

The rise of the customer hub

The traditional departmental or channel-by-channel structure risks creating silos of activity and information, meaning that employees can fail to see the bigger picture and may even inadvertently cause roadblocks on the overall customer journey. So, it is vital that organizations begin to break down any internal barriers that disrupt the customer journey. More...

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web self service

6 Ways web self-service improves your customer experience

Faced with an increasing number of customer queries combined with demands for faster service, web self-service systems provide a great way to balance competing demands while enhancing the customer experience. It puts the customer in control, enabling them to ask queries in their own words to receive fast, consistent and accurate answers. More...

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