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Eptica | Dealing with the rising number of customer complaints



Issue 4, 2015



Welcome to the latest issue of the Eptica newsletter. This edition features our most popular articles from the Customer Engagement blog and links to our most recent white papers and studies. This issue also features Eptica's success story with Vivastreet and EasyRoommate in a new case study, also available for download via our new website.


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rising complaints

Dealing with the rising number of customer complaints

Over the last ten years, customers have become increasingly more demanding in terms of the service that they expect from companies. At the same time, and as part of the same trend, governments have acted to make it easier and more straightforward to complain, particularly in industries such as telecoms, utilities and finance. They have set up new regulators and ombudsmen…

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Making a success of Twitter customer service

service. According to Nielsen, nearly half of US consumers use social media to ask questions and Twitter’s own analysis shows that tweets to major brands have increased 2.5 times over the past two years. That makes over 4.5 million tweets every month sent to B2C companies. Consumers value...

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Why your CEO should work a shift in the contact center

In competitive markets, customer service is often the most important differentiator. This is especially true if companies are selling similar products, at similar prices – and for service businesses such as utilities and financial services where there is no physical product to create a differentiation. When customer service is the main source of competitive advantage, it’s essential...

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multichannel customer study
laggard to leader

Moving from Customer Experience laggard to leader

Being able to deliver a superior customer experience can potentially transform your company’s business. It can help to differentiate you from competitors, increase customer loyalty and ultimately help to drive sales and boost revenues. So how do you go from being a customer service laggard to achieving a leadership position – and then ensuring you remain there?

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Robots – the future of customer service?

Recent Forrester research pointed out the importance of understanding customer emotion and creating empathy with consumers if brands are going to deliver a successful customer experience. This was backed up by Eptica’s study ‘The Power of Linguistics: Consumers vs. Agents: Can the Gap be closed?’, which found that nearly a third (31%) of consumers...

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The importance of emotion to customer engagement

Many studies show that people are much more emotional and less rational than we like to think. Research by Nobel prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman, indicates that we have an intuitive, emotional side and a rational side when we are making decisions – and the rational side is less influential. Similarly, Steve Peters, a high profile sports psychiatrist and author...

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