Eptica launches industry’s first fully integrated Social Customer Service Suite

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Date : 02/26/2011

Eptica launches industry’s first fully integrated Social Customer Service Suite

Enabling companies to harness the potential of social web, Eptica brings customer service into the digital age

Cambridge – 26 February 2011: Eptica, today unveiled Version 8 of its multi-channel customer interaction suite including the industry’s first fully integrated social media interaction platform, giving companies an unparalleled way to listen, respond and interact successfully with customers and prospects on social media.

The Social Media Interaction Management platform within Version 8 incorporates a range of proprietary software, helping companies seamlessly integrate social media enquiries from blogs, Twitter and Facebook into a multi-channel customer service environment, where they are presented and processed like any other enquiry. Key innovations include:

  • Eptica Social Media Observer Listens across the social web, analysing the tone of relevant posts, tracking and recording positive and negative comment within Eptica’s multi-channel customer service platform where they are assigned a priority and appropriate action.
  • Eptica Facebook Interaction Portal Enables staff and customers to interact directly through Facebook, via a dedicated customer interaction tab on the organisation’s Facebook page. Depending on the nature of the enquiry, staff can elect to respond publicly for the benefit of the wider customer community or privately to the individual customer through the Facebook interface.
  • Eptica Third Generation Customer Interaction Workflow Incorporates social media comments directly into the customer management process. Sophisticated rules, tailored to individual organisations, ensure the right people in an organisation are engaged in delivering the right answer in a timely manner. Customer conversations on social media are recorded and presented alongside their interactions on all other channels, enabling staff to gain a deeper understanding of individual customers. While social media channels can help organisations communicate better and form closer relationships with customers, negative sentiment can quickly spiral out of control if not effectively managed. A recent report by the Office of Fair Trading flagged an ever growing number of consumers now using social media channels to express their feelings of discontent rather than complain directly to the company.

Combining industry-leading technologies to listen, respond and engage with customers in 26 different languages, Eptica enables organisations to fully harness the power of social media to deliver an enhanced customer experience, whilst at the same time increasing their ability to identify and react to negative comments before they become serious issues.

Olivier Njamfa, CEO of Eptica, said: “It’s no secret that social media is bringing about some very fundamental changes in the way organisations and their customers interact. Today most companies understand the power of social media to engage with customers, but many have found it difficult to integrate social media into existing business processes, leaving customer queries and complaints unresolved. Eptica is helping redefine the way companies approach social media, giving staff the tools and insight they need to harness its full potential as a service channel.”

Version 8 of Eptica’s Multichannel Customer Interaction Suite is available in the UK from today. For more information please visit www.eptica.com/