Eptica presents its co-founders and Management Team

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Date : 10/10/2001

Eptica presents its co-founders and Management Team

Paris, France.

President & CEO: Olivier Njamfa, 37 Olivier Njamfa, an MBA graduate from the ESC in Rouen (France), started his career in Sales at Saari in 1987. Saari was at that time a small start-up that developed the first accounting software solutions in France. Between 1987 and 1995, Olivier Njamfa was promoted from Sales Representative, to Sales Manager and then to Regional Director and greatly contributed to the development of what was to become the French leader in accounting software (FF400M turnover and 450 people in 1995). From 1995 to 1999, Olivier Njamfa worked for Comshare, the provider of Business Intelligence and Analytical Applications targeted at large corporations, listed on the NASDAQ. He started off as Director of the Department of Finance and Banking and then moved on to becoming the French Managing Director and generated $6M in annual revenues servicing major companies in a variety of vertical industries: Finance and Banking, Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing, Services, the Public Sector & Retail. Between 1999 and 2001, based out of London, Olivier Njamfa managed the international indirect operations for ShowCase, a leading software provider of Business Intelligence and Datamining solutions listed on the NASDAQ. Under his leadership, there was a period of strong revenue growth in the Middle East and in Africa. Latin America became a key market and Asia, and more particularly Japan was brought back into the black. In 2001, Olivier Njamfa became Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Com6, a leading European e-CRM software company, specialized in multi-channel CRM and listed on the Euronext Paris Nouveau Marché stock exchange. His mission included the development of a European indirect sales network and the establishment of marketing and sales partnerships. The Com6 UK, Com6 Netherlands, Com6 Belgium and Com6 Italia offices were set up in 4 months and are expected to bring in over FF10M (€1,524) by the end of 2001. In September 2001, Olivier Njamfa co-founded Eptica and became its President and CEO.

Vice President & CTO: Thierry Gandilhon, 40 Thierry Gandilhon holds a DEA (post graduate course) from the University PARIS VII. He began his career in 1985 as an Object Oriented and Logic Programming research engineer at Bull Computers. Between 1986 and 1990, as a Project Manager at Bull, Mr. Gandilhon and his team developed some of the earliest hypertext tools. In 1990, Thierry Gandilhon joined Business Objects as R&D Manager and Software Architecture Director. Over the five years spent with them, he built-up the company's fledgling R&D organization and led his production team to develop state-of-the-art software products written in over 15 different languages for Windows, Unix and Macintosh operating systems. Between 1995 and 1998, Thierry Gandilhon was CTO and VP of R&D at Step One. Mr. Gandilhon built this young French start-up's R&D organization from the ground up and developed tools used to publish dynamic information on the Web. In 1998 he joined MATRAnet, a leading provider of e-business security software solutions. As Chief Technical Officer and VP of R&D, he was responsible for the management of the R&D organization as well as product development in France and in the United States. In September 2001, Thierry Gandilhon co-founded Eptica and became its CTO and Vice-President.


About Eptica

Eptica is a leading provider of e-CRM software solutions enabling e-business orientated companies or companies who want to take full advantage of their web site, to create, develop and manage in real-time their relationships with clients, suppliers or partners via the Internet. Eptica is a spin-off of MATRAnet, an EADS subsidiary. Its solution, the Eptica Enterprise Suite M>WebTouch, is distributed through its international network of partners to large companies such as DealTime (USA), Peace Systems Integration (Taiwan), Mundoviaje.com (Spain) and Assurdiscount.com (France). Eptica Enterprise Suite M>WebTouch can be delivered through 3 modules: · E-Mail Management: efficiently manage a large number of incoming e-mails and provide your clients with fast, accurate, and personalized responses. · Live Interaction: Interact with your customers via the Web using chat, Web page pushing, co-browsing or form-sharing. · Profiling & Customer Behavior Analysis: Fully understand your customers, their needs and their expectations thanks to the module's tracking and profiling features. For further information, please visit our Web site: www.eptica.com