Eptica Self-service Analytics Helps Identify New Revenue Streams

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Date : 12/09/2010

Eptica Self-service Analytics Helps Identify New Revenue Streams

Eptica delivers unparalleled customer insight for Customer service and eCommerce teams

Cambridge – 9 December 2010: Eptica, the leading provider of multichannel customer interaction software, has enhanced its Web Self-service offering with web analytics that go beyond page clicks to reveal the questions customers ask when they leave specific web pages on a company’s website to seek help. The level of customer insight this provides drives benefits across the business, including the ability to identify new market opportunities based on customer’s questions, refine search terms for search engine optimisation, and evolve web content to increase sales.

Getting consumers to part with their money remains one of the biggest challenges for ecommerce retailers. In 2010 it was reported that only 7% of website visitors go on to make a purchase*. The new enhancements to Eptica Self-service can help organisations generate more revenue by revealing insights into customer buying behaviour at the point of purchase. Amongst Eptica’s client base, there have been several instances where customer enquiries via self-service have revealed demand for a specific product or service that the company has then begun offering.

The new software also pinpoints usability problems and areas on a company’s website where information is missing or unclear, and which should be addressed in order to improve the overall customer experience. Ecommerce teams can use the insights to optimise the company’s web presence to generate more revenue and Customer service teams can use the power of Self-service analytics to reduce service contacts and ensure your service matches customer needs.

The enhancements to Eptica’s software allows Google and all major Web Analytics software to be applied to a company’s self-service pages, providing complete visibility of customers’ behaviour on the self-service area of their website. Organisations can now get an instant overview of the volume of web traffic to each self-service question, making it even easier to identify the most pressing concerns for customers.

“We were amazed that something so simple could have such a significant impact on our customer journey,” explained Ray Westwick, Head of Call Centre, Ageas Insurance Solutions a leading personal lines insurance intermediary. “The enhanced analytics capability of Eptica Self-service has been fantastic in helping us get an even better understanding of the needs and wants of our customers. It’s regularly identifying things that we may not have considered otherwise, and is set to play a key part in informing our plans, marketing and web content in 2011.”

Eptica Self-service uses an advanced ‘meaning based’ search engine and self-learning knowledge base to provide visitors to their client’s websites with immediate online answers to questions that they can ask in their own words. This means customers can find it faster and therefore only need to call or email if they require greater details or more in-depth assistance.

“There is so much information that can be gleamed from every online interaction with a customer. Failing to harness these insights is to really put your business at competitive disadvantage,” said Dee Roche, European Marketing Director at Eptica. “Eptica Self-service and its analytics will provide firms with a holistic perspective of customer interactions with their website. For users, this unparalleled level of customer insight will drive real value across their business.”

About Eptica
Eptica is the leading European multilingual solution for Customer Interaction Management including Web Self-service, Email Management, Chat, Fax-Letter- SMS and Knowledge management for Customer Service. Available on premise or SaaS, Eptica software enables website and customer service channels to work together to improve quality of service, resolve enquiries faster, reduce costs and maximize every sales opportunity. Today more than 300 customers, including some of the world’s largest brands, in 15 countries, use Eptica solutions to deliver excellent customer service at much lower cost. Eptica’s customers include: Haven Holidays, Republic, Go Compare.com, Virgin Holidays, Ageas Insurance Solutions, Hotels.com, La Redoute, Brent Council, DatingDirect.com, Capita, Société Générale, South East Water, ING and Barclays.

Eptica is based in the UK, France, Spain, Canada and Singapore and operates worldwide through its network of partners. Eptica was awarded the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA in 2009 for the third consecutive year.