Eptica wins ‘Most Innovative Technology’ in Asia Pacific Customer Service Excellence Awards

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Date : 06/23/2009

Eptica wins ‘Most Innovative Technology’ in Asia Pacific Customer Service Excellence Awards

22nd June, 2009: Eptica is delighted to win the prestigious APCSC CRE ‘Most Innovative Technology’award for its multi-channel suite of customer service solutions. As a new entrant to the awards, we are impressed with the rigour at which the APCSC evaluated our technology and our business.

Eptica's multi-channel customer service software increases business efficiency and revenue performance through its has a unique ability to self-learn from every interaction how best to answer a customer enquiry. Available on-premise or SaaS, Eptica enables organizations to deliver fast, accurate and consistent responses through all channels including online service, email, phone, fax, letter and SMS. We are very excited at working with organisations in Asia to enable them to deliver excellent customer service at much lower cost.

In the period of fundamental shift of com­munication channels we are experiencing today, as more and more customers choose to engage with organizations using the internet, the role of a dedicated online service provider is more im­portant than ever.

“Excellent customer service is about ensuring customers get the right answers, when they want them, through the channel of their choice,” said Mr. Olivier Njamfa, President and CEO of the company.

Customers today are increasingly demanding; they often use several channels before making a single purchase. More often than not, the customer journey starts online with them looking for the best products at the best price.

To cater for the varying needs of customers, Eptica provides com­prehensive interaction solutions incorporating different channels. The joined-up, consistent approach to multi-channel customer service offered by Eptica helps deliver quality services, raise business efficiency and maximize revenue.

“We aim to help businesses in Asia to improve revenue perform­ance by transforming the way they handle customer interaction,” Njamfa added. “Eptica solutions provide organizations with an incredible source of insight about what customers want and the issues that create de­mand, for fast and effective decision-making”.

About Eptica

An award-winning global provider of on­line customer service software, Eptica offers practical solutions to optimize inter­actions between customers and organizations, so as to improve both customer experience and business effectiveness. As a result, over 250 companies, including some of the world’s largest, use Eptica to deliver excellent customer service at much lower cost. Eptica clients include: YeeYoo, Expedia, ING, Societe General, Credit Agricole, Total, Exon Mobil, Renault, Axa and Barclays.