Gocompare.com invests in customer service and retention with Eptica Email Management

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Date : 09/22/2009

Gocompare.com invests in customer service and retention with Eptica Email Management

UK comparison site reduces enquiry handling time, improving staff productivity and customer experience to keep customers loyal

22 September 2009 – Online insurance comparison service, Gocompare.com, has implemented Eptica’s advanced natural language email management system to improve customer experience and efficiency. Handling in excess of one million insurance quotations per month, Gocompare.com has seen a sharp rise in the number of web visitors and enquiries it receives as consumers look for the best possible deal on insurance. Using Eptica Email Management, the business has improved customer service quality and delivery, and reduced the time it takes to resolve customer questions by nearly half the time.

“As one of the UK’s top three price comparison sites, a vast number of people use Gocompare.com because we help them find the right policy, at the right price; with the features of cover that they are looking for," said Lee Griffin, Business Development Director at Gocompare.com. "With the number of customers using our service constantly growing, we’ve also experienced an increase in inbound enquiries. To manage this growth, we needed an email management system that would enable us to increase efficiency, whilst maintaining the highest level of service possible. We want customers to know that if they use Gocompare.com and they have any questions, we’ll answer them quickly."

The Eptica solution uses powerful natural language semantic search technology, which analyses the text of inbound email enquiries and provides Gocompare.com’s customer service agents with the best answer from a dynamic knowledgebase of responses to previous customer questions. This capability allows the business to provide fast, high-quality and accurate replies to customer queries, which reduces the level of repeat enquiries and subsequent customer frustration. The software also provides a full audit trail of all customer enquiries and previous correspondence, giving agents a complete picture of customer issues and making it easy for them to respond to enquiries fully and efficiently at first contact.

The Eptica solution also provides a future-proof strategy for organisations looking to improve multi-channel customer service over the long term. As agents respond to customer emails on a daily basis, they are simultaneously building up a robust knowledgebase of questions and replies – a task that has traditionally proven to be a headache for organisations investing in online self-service. This knowledgebase can then be made searchable online to cut email volumes and give customers faster, more accurate answers through ‘Online Help’ and ‘Contact Us’ pages.

A key requirement for the Gocompare.com team was the ability to gather information and trends from inbound enquiries so that the company could gain a deeper understanding of the issues that matter most to its customers, and make the changes necessary to improve website usability and boost customer satisfaction. After assessing the various solutions, Gocompare.com chose Eptica for its advanced technology, robust reporting capabilities and ease of use.

Paul Barnes, Managing Director at Eptica. said "With Eptica, Gocompare.com has demonstrated a clear commitment to its customers by prioritising the delivery of a genuinely high level of service. And at times like this, that is of course what keeps customers coming back again and again." For more information, contact: Dee Roche 0044 07976 815140