Help-Line selects M>WebTouch to manage in real time, its customer relationships via Internet

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Date : 02/13/2002

Help-Line selects M>WebTouch to manage in real time, its customer relationships via Internet

Paris, France

Help-Line, a subsidiary of the Neurones Group dedicated in providing help-desk and call center expertise, has two call centers in the Parisian region that services over 40 clients. In order to meet their clients' growing need in email and e-support management, Help-Line decided to integrate Eptica's M>WebTouch solution, a tool specialized in customer relationship management via Internet.

Help-Line needed a solution that integrated the following 3 key features:

  • Media-blending: As they wanted their agents to deal with both telephone and email requests they needed a solution that could recognize, for example, that an agent had accepted an incoming chat session and that therefore, all incoming telephone calls had to be automatically routed to another available agent. Furthermore, in order to meet operational constraints, the solution needed to be sufficiently supple to enable agents to be re-allocated to the management of different types of requests (phone, email, chat) according to the priority of the moment.
  • Intelligent dispatching of incoming queries: Requests needed to be automatically distributed and dealt with by the most appropriate agent -i.e. an agent that had the right skills to answer the request and that was available when the request was submitted- while still offering the agent in certain case, the possibility of differing the request or of transferring it to somebody else (supervisor, expert, external specialist).
  • Integration with legacy technical infrastructure: The solution needed to easily integrate with Help-Line's current telephone solutions, its new website and in general, the existing infrastructure and work environment of the company. Help-Line selected Eptica's e-CRM solution M>WebTouch, as it would not only empower Help-Line to efficiently and quickly reply to its customers' requests via email or chat (or using co-browsing) but also to develop a privileged relationships with their clients thanks to an in-depth understanding of their expectations, habits and specific needs.

« The issue of e-support email management is of increasing concern for Customer Contact Centers » declares Jean François Hallouët, President and founder of Help-Line. « Indeed, rather than providing masse phone call management solutions, the use of different channels of interactions allows us to offer more adapted and efficient responses to our customers' requests. M>WebTouch has enabled us to do just this while fully integrating with our existing technical and Call Center environment.» Indeed, Eptica's solution met all of Help-Line's requirements.

Besides the three features requested by Help-Line, M>WebTouch offers other high value-added features. M>WebTouch enables companies to efficiently manage incoming emails and chat sessions and provide their clients with fast and personalized answers. For example, to provide a more custom-made response, M>WebTouch presents agents with the following information when they open a new customer request:

  • the customer's file (name, email, address, company, client number…)
  • the customer's main interests and a textual analysis of the request
  • the history of the file linked to the email
  • the history of all past requests submitted by the client

Furthermore, M>WebTouch intelligently dispatches incoming customer requests: First, requests are entered into a centralized queue where they are logged, then they are dispatched to the most appropriate agent that is free at that point in time. When agents can not deal with a request, M>WebTouch enables them to reroute the request either back to the request queue or to a specific agent or external specialist.

Moreover, M>WebTouch comes with a set of APIs, i.e. interfaces that enables the server to question 3rd party applications when necessary. It also uses the HTTP transfer protocol to exchange XML data. Hence, for example, one of M>WebTouch's API was developed to detect the status of the agent at any given time so that 3rd party applications could know when an agent was free or not. 3 openings are available to enrich M>WebTouch:

  • An interface with 3rd party engines to calculate the profile of the request.
  • An interface with 3rd party engines to alert of the change in status of a request.
  • An interface with 3rd party engines to alert of the change in status of an agent. M>WebTouch uses open and standard technologies (HTTP, HTTPS, XML, XSL…) that enabled it to be easily integrated into Help-Line's existing environment.

About Eptica

Eptica, a MATRAnet spin-off, is a leading provider of e-CRM software solutions enabling e-business orientated companies or companies who want to take full advantage of their web site, to create, develop and manage in real-time their relationship with clients, suppliers or partners via the Internet. Eptica Enterprise Suite M>WebTouch can be delivered through 3 modules: • Eptica E-Mail Management: efficiently manage a large number of incoming e-mails and provide your clients with fast, accurate, and personalized responses. • Eptica Live Interaction: interact with your customers via the Web using chat, Web page pushing, co-browsing or form-sharing. • Eptica Profiling & Customer Behavior Analysis: fully understand your customers, their needs and their expectations thanks to the module's tracking and profiling features. Eptica's innovative solution, the Eptica Enterprise Suite M>WebTouch, is distributed through its international network of partners to large companies such as DealTime (USA), Peace Systems Integration (Taiwan), (Spain) and (France). About Help-Line - Help-Line IT service company created in 1994 by Jean-François Hallouët, within the Neurones Group. Help-Line specialized right from the start in managing distant relationships with users. In addition to its Help-Desk outsourcing offer, Help-Line has developed consulting and integration services. These strategic choices enable us today to help our customers set-up value-added call centers and in general, offer efficient and profitable solutions based on tailored and integrated processes, and on the right technological choice of tools that meet our clients' needs. Help-Line has known fast growth rates since its beginnings, that have enabled it to quickly establish itself as the French leading provider in the Help-Desk market. Thanks to its dynamism, Help-Line's turnover for 2001 was of over 20 millions euros. It has also succeeded in transforming key blue-chip corporations such as Toshiba, Total Fina Elf, Sodexho, LVMH, or Saint Gobain into loyal customers.

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