Linux@business (L@B) and Eptica sign a partnership to offer a Web Call Center solution in ASP mode

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Date : 01/08/2002

Linux@business (L@B) and Eptica sign a partnership to offer a Web Call Center solution in ASP mode

Linux@Business (L@B) and Eptica sign a partnership to offer a Web Call Center solution in ASP mode Linux@Business enriches its catalogue of hosted applications by adding Eptica's M>WebTouch, a best-of-breed Web Call Center solution

The recent boom in the number of web sites, whether they be company or local government web sites, has lead to an increasing demand for live interaction over the Web. Both the front office and the back office can benefit from such eCRM tools.

« Lately, we have noticed that approximately 20% of the companies we are in contact with are considering M>WebTouch in ASP mode. Eptica's main strategy has always been to ensure that M>WebTouch is made accessible to as many companies as possible, hence our partnership with Linux@Business » explains Olivier NJAMFA, President and CEO of Eptica.

With this partnership agreement, Linux@Business will be able to offer its customers Eptica's leading Web call center solution. M>WebTouch enables companies to:

  • Efficiently manage a large number of incoming e-mails
  • Establish a live interactive relationship with their online customers using chat or co-browsing
  • Better understand the needs and behavior patterns of its customers by analyzing their profiles and main interests

For a live, interactive and thought-out commercial relationship Thanks to M>WebTouch, incoming requests are automatically routed to the most appropriate online customer representative. Furthermore, to ensure that clients are answered quickly and efficiently, agents are provided with response templates and the full history of the customer. Another key asset of this solution is the ability to view the customer's full navigation path in real-time. Customer representatives can then leverage this information as well as M>WebTouch's chat, cobrowsing and page-pushing features to establish a personalized dialogue with online visitors and offer them targeted products and services tailored to their individual needs, profile and main interests.

Furthermore, by following visitors as they browse through the site and more generally, by analyzing online customer behavior, organizations can further their understanding of their customers' requirements, anticipate their needs and develop an offer that better meet their expectations. A web-native and secure application $4 million have already been invested in the development of this solution and thanks to its network of international partners and VARs, M>WebTouch has been sold worldwide.

For François Villemin, CEO, « Linux@Business is delighted to offer its clients a state-of-the-art solution such as Eptica's M>WebTouch ». This application meets Linux@Business' catalogue criteria: to be web-native and secure. Thus, faithful to its high security requirements, Linux@Business chose this application as it rigorously complies with Internet security standards such as HTTPS and SSL/TLS. As M>WebTouch is fully web based solution, it can be accessed by agents, supervisors, and administrators via a basic web browser. About Linux@Business - Linux@Business is an ASP managing and delivering application resources to corporate accounts. L@B also runs and supports remotely these applications for its customers. In doing so, L@B offers its large and medium accounts global cost-effective solutions and a range of services such as: auditing, consultancy, development, networking and training.

Linux@Business benefits from the backing of well-known financial partners such as Innovacom (France Telecom Group), the Credit Lyonnais Asset Management and CIC Finance. About Eptica - Eptica is a leading provider of e-CRM software solutions enabling e-business orientated companies or companies who want to take full advantage of their web site, to create, develop and manage in real-time their relationships with clients, suppliers or partners via the Internet. Eptica's innovative solution, the Eptica Enterprise Suite M>WebTouch, is distributed through its international network of partners to large companies such as DealTime (USA), Peace Systems Integration (Taiwan), (Spain) and (France).

Eptica Enterprise Suite M>WebTouch can be delivered through 3 modules: E-Mail Management: efficiently manage a large number of incoming e-mails and provide your clients with fast, accurate, and personalized responses. Live Interaction: Interact with your customers via the Web using chat, Web page pushing, co-browsing or form-sharing. Profiling & Customer Behavior Analysis: Fully understand your customers, their needs and their expectations thanks to the module's tracking and profiling features.

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