MATRAnet™ Partners with USL for Comprehensive Suite of Internet ERM Products

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Date : 06/16/2000

MATRAnet™ Partners with USL for Comprehensive Suite of Internet ERM Products

Global Reach and Regional Adaptability Critical in Selection Criteria

Redwood Shores, Cailfornia, USA. MATRAnet Inc., A Human Touch for Electronic Business™, has forged an alliance with USL S de R.L. de C.V, the Latin American leader in Internet ERM Consulting, enabling them to offer the latest Internet Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM) technology to their clients. Addressing the need the for real-time customer service on the Internet, the Mexico City based company will offer the M>WebTouch 3.0 and M>WebRetail 3.0 software suites as an integral Internet ERM solution to their e-business clients.

"We are very excited to offer the highest level of Internet ERM solutions with these [MATRAnet] products" explains Raul Ortega, CEO of USL. "We have been distributing state of the art relationship management software to our clients in Mexico and Latin American for the last 12 years and this experience has educated us to recognize outstanding software products." In addition to ERM consulting, USL also provides data warehousing and eCommerce solutions to the Latin American market.

Fabrice Bourdeix, CEO of MATRAnet, is enthused by the partnership. "The need for customizable Internet ERM software is a global one, and USL Mexico is the ideal partner to provide this high standard of service to Latin America. MATRAnet has created the most comprehensive multilingual Internet enterprise relationship management software on the market today. With the widest range of international capabilities, all our products are adaptable internationally and can be easily and quickly customized for regional use." MATRAnet's M>WebTouch 3.0 is currently used on USL's site.

Some of the M>WebTouch 3.0 capabilities include:

  • Collaborative browsing - which synchronizes the website visitor's browser with the customer service representative's browser
  • Real-time options - live interactive chat, instant telephone call-back, and direct e-mail messaging which allows the customer service agent to answer questions as they arise
  • Real-time customer profiling - which provides the customer service agent with on-screen information about web-site visitor's interests and buying history
  • Ease of implementation - blends seamlessly into active Web sites with little or no site disruption
  • Compatible with multiple platforms - M>WebTouch 3.0 runs on Linux Red Hat 6.1, Windows NT and Solaris platforms, as well as relational databases such as Oracle 8i, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, Sybase Adaptive Server 11.9.2 and Informix Dynamic Server 7.31

The M>WebRetail 3.0 suite of products offers users:

  • A scalable, high-performance e-commerce hosting environment built from the ground up as a revenue generating tool for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Web Hosting companies and Internet Systems Integrators
  • The ability to offer low-cost, full featured storefronts to new and existing Web hosting customers
  • All of the tools to create and update a store, receive payments, process orders and manage customer data Online stores control using a standard Web browser
  • Store owners can manage stores from anywhere
  • Supports a variety of databases, including Oracle 8i, Microsoft SQL 7.0 and Sybase, allowing the store to scale easily as transaction volume grows
  • Adaptable and easily customized for international use. M>WebRetail 3.0 is a Java product