MATRAnet Announces M>WebTouch 3.0 Support for Linux and Oracle 8i™ Platforms

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Date : 04/05/2000

MATRAnet Announces M>WebTouch 3.0 Support for Linux and Oracle 8i™ Platforms

Web-based Customer Interaction Solution Supports Highest Growth Operating Systems & Database Platforms

Los Angeles, CA, eCRM 2000 Conference (April 5, 2000) - Continuing its commitment to open internet standards and support for all major software platforms, MATRAnet, Inc., a leader in e-business solutions, today announced the availability of M>WebTouch 3.0 on Linux and Oracle 8i™ release 2. M>WebTouch 3.0 provides businesses with an unrivaled, integrated suite of powerful tools that enables them to interact via their web sites in real-time with potential customers. Using M>WebTouch 3.0, businesses can track and profile web visitors in order to deliver personalized customer interaction. Key new M>WebTouch 3.0 features include collaborative browsing and live interactive chat to ensure that web visitors establish real-time rapport with customer sales & service representatives on e-business web sites. Full email support is also included in the product. As a result, web visitors are more likely to become satisfied and loyal customers who return repeatedly to an e-businesses' site.

"The growth of Linux as a server operating environment has been impressive," said Dan Kusnetzky, program director for Operating Environments and Serverware Research of International Data Corporation." In 1997, it held only 6 percent share of server operating environment paid shipments. IDC's preliminary research for 1999 shows that Linux had grown to hold nearly 25 percent share of these shipments."

MATRAnet is committed to providing its solutions to the platforms of choice for the ebusiness community. Fabrice Bourdeix CEO of MATRAnet said "In today's heterogeneous environments, e-business solutions must allow companies to leverage their people through Internet standard technologies across all major software platforms in order to reach their target markets."

By adding support for Oracle 8i™ for Linux to its core product M>WebTouch 3.0, MATRAnet, Inc. joins major hardware, software and consulting vendors who have embraced Oracle 8i™, the leading Internet database. Since its release in March 1999, Oracle 8iä has been purchased by more than 5000 companies. Leading vendors include: SAP AG (NYSE:SAP), Cap Gemini, Fujitsu, Peoplesoft (Nasdaq:PSFT), Siemens AG , TIBCO (Nasdaq:TIBX), and Sun Microsystems (Nasdaq:SUNW).

E-businesses that want to be successful have to extend their reach to global markets, and that means extending the browser platform coverage to virtually all standard platforms. As a result, M>WebTouch 3.0 offers "Java-less" live chat, multi-byte character support to allow communication in Asian languages, and the ability to run on the latest server environments. M>WebTouch runs on a host of platforms and is certified on Red Hat (Nasdaq:RHAT) Linux 6.1, Oracle (Nasdaq:ORCL) 8i™ Release 2, Sun Microsystems (Nasdaq:SUNW) Solaris 2.7, Microsoft Nasdaq:MSFT) Windows 95/98/NT Server 4.x.

With these enhancements to M>WebTouch 3.0, MATRAnet exhibits on-going dedication to helping e-businesses integrate effective customer relationship management into their web-site on all major software platforms -- a proven strategy for increasing customer retention, and boosting a company's competitive advantage. © 2000 MATRAnet, Inc. MATRAnet and the MATRAnet logo, M>Wall, M>WallCard, M>WebRetail, M>Manager, M>Directory, M>Tunnel are registered trademarks of MATRAnet, Inc. 'A Human Touch for Electronic Business' is a trademark of MATRAnet, Inc. Other product and company names may be trademarks of the companies with which they are associated.