MATRAnet Enhances E-Commerce Offerings through Partnership with PhoneMe

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Date : 03/08/2000

MATRAnet Enhances E-Commerce Offerings through Partnership with PhoneMe

Internet Customer Service Linked with Telephone Convenience Powers Online Sales & Customer Service

MATRAnet, a leader in online, interactive customer service solutions, announced today a bi-lateral reseller partnership with PhoneMe to offer businesses more powerful and comprehensive e-commerce solutions. With PhoneMe, MATRAnet's M>WebTouch now offers person-to-person telephone service synchronized with e-business customer activity.

"Incorporating PhoneMe into M>WebTouch means that companies using our products will have another key method to offer their customers and increase the effectiveness of their own e-merchant services," says Fabrice Bourdeix, CEO of MATRAnet. Even the most well-designed site can leave a potential customer with unanswered questions that may prevent a sale - or even worse, discourage the visitor from returning. "Combining M>WebTouch with PhoneMe's instant automatic call-back feature provides customers ultimate flexibility in how they choose to communicate with e-businesses today." continued Bourdeix.

M>WebTouch provides e-businesses with the ability to engage and communicate with consumers in a variety of ways. With M>WebTouch, emerging and established e-businesses can dynamically track, profile and target visitors with the same capability that has been previously reserved for very large corporations with unlimited resources. M>WebTouch removes the blinders from traditional ecommerce sites by letting e-business professionals understand their customers' interests and expectations based on behavior in their sites, thereby enabling businesses to interact with e-visitors in a highly personalized manner with full support of on-screen customer profiles.

With the addition of PhoneMe's Internet-enabled toll-free phone service, MATRAnet's M>WebTouch now offers an unrivaled suite of customer service tools including live interactive chat, form-based e-mail response, direct e-mail messaging, collaborative co-browsing and instant telephone connection with customer service representatives. The new M>WebTouch/PhoneMe solution enables consumers to request an instant automatic call-back as an option for real-time interaction. M>WebTouch intelligent customer profiling function will seamlessly route the request to the most appropriate agent with the skills and training to answer the customer's questions. Whether the customer wants their questions answered via e-mail, interactive live-chat or in-person telephone calls, MATRAnet provides the customer's preferred method of contact, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and retention and bolstering e-business sales.

In this mutually beneficial partnership, MATRAnet will offer PhoneMe as an option to M>WebTouch, and PhoneMe will offer M>WebTouch within its online customer service offering. "We see tremendous value in the partnership between PhoneMe and M>WebTouch," said Damon Oldcorn, CEO of PhoneMe, Ltd. "By combining our services, we are able to expand our customer service offerings to help companies improve their ability to respond to customer inquiries."