MATRAnet Joins Hands with in Landscaping the Future of Online Political Campaigning.

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Date : 07/05/2003

MATRAnet Joins Hands with in Landscaping the Future of Online Political Campaigning.

MATRAnet’s M>WebTouch Software to provide online customer interaction for

Redwood Shores, Cailfornia, USA, MATRAnet (, the leading provider of interactive customer relationship management, has been elected to provide interactive customer service support for electronic campaigning vortal Cultivating the potential of the Internet to grow personalized relationships between political groups and their online constituents, MATRAnet's M>WebTouch, a Web-based ERM (Enterprise Relationship Management) customer service software solution, will enable to facilitate real-time interaction with its consumers. This alliance has forged a site that will attract, engage and retain clients and customers through collaborative browsing, live chat, instant email, call-back features and live customer profiling, enhancing the ability of all parties to access information pertinent to their interests.

MATRAnet's CEO Fabrice Bourdeix is enthusiastic about the revolutionary potential of the partnership. "MATRAnet's M>WebTouch is the most versatile and comprehensive ERM solution available. We are confident that with the M>WebTouch 3.0, will be able to provide the highest level of customer support, a defining attribute of's mission."

For, this alliance provides the precision tool of advanced customer service technology necessary to build the hothouse of future online political campaigning.

" will provide an immediately accessible and fully interactive venue for constituents and campaigners alike in their search to disseminate and collect campaign information. As with most of the Web, this information is only as valuable as the ease with which it is accessible," said Ravi Singh Interim CEO and co-Founder. MATRAnet's M>WebTouch 3.0 is currently in use on's site ( to assist customers with navigation as the site builds its clientele.

MATRAnet's M>WebTouch is a global eCommerce ERM software and hosting solution which incorporates various features to offer personalized, web-based customer interaction to improve customer service and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. M>WebTouch 3.0 capabilities include:

  • Collaborative browsing - which synchronizes the Web site visitor's browser with the customer service representative's browser
  • Real-time options - live interactive chat, instant telephone call-back, and direct e-mail messaging which allows the customer service agent to answer questions as they arise
  • Real-time customer profiling - which provides the customer service agent with on-screen information about web-site visitor's interests and buying history
  • Ease of implementation - blends seamlessly into active websites with little or no site disruption
  • Compatible with multiple platforms - M>WebTouch 3.0 runs on Linux Red Hat, Windows NT and Solaris platforms, as well as relational databases such as Oracle 8i, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, Sybase Adaptive Server 11.9.2 and Informix Dynamic Server 7.31