MATRAnet M>WebTouch 3.0 Adds Collaborative Browsing To On-line E-Business Solution

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Date : 03/29/2000

MATRAnet M>WebTouch 3.0 Adds Collaborative Browsing To On-line E-Business Solution

New Features Synchronize Customers and Sales Agents, Boost Customer Satisfaction and On-line Sales

MATRAnet, Inc., a leader in e-business solutions, today announced the release of M>WebTouch 3.0, its enhanced e-business customer relationship management solution which allows tracking and profiling of web visitors in order to deliver personalized customer interaction. M>WebTouch 3.0 features two-way collaborative browsing-which synchronizes the website visitor's browser with the customer service representative's browser. This allows representatives to personally guide website visitors, in real-time, throughout the website. Offering Nordstrom-style service, these representatives can help customers fill out complex forms, answer questions as they arise, and offer appropriate suggestions to increase customer satisfaction and boost sales.

"Research has shown us that even the most well-designed sites cannot afford to ignore the importance of establishing personal contact with prospective customers; web-site visitors quickly become frustrated with unanswered questions, abandon the site and often never return," says Fabrice Bourdeix, CEO of MATRAnet. "M>WebTouch 3.0 features collaborative browsing, which will help e-merchants increase the sense of personal attention and spontaneous human interaction that web-browsers long for."

Collaborative Browsing Fosters "Hands-On" Customer Service With collaborative browsing, e-businesses gain the ability to have their customer service agents take the website visitor's browser by the "hand," and accompany the visitor throughout the web-store, department by department, form by form. Meanwhile the customer maintains an active dialog with the company agent via their choice of live interactive chat, or instant telephone call-back. M>WebTouch 3.0 includes dynamic customer profiling which provides customer service agents with on-screen information about web-site visitor's interests and buying history. This information, coupled with the interactivity provided by collaborative browsing, enables agents to offer a highly personalized and efficient service to customers through up-selling, cross-selling, and highlighting specific website areas of interest to the customer.

Additional M>WebTouch 3.0 benefits include form-based e-mail response, direct e-mail messaging based on dynamic customer profiling, and call escalation/call forwarding which enable sales and support groups to coordinate customer handling as an efficient and informed team.

The call forwarding feature allows the agent to send the call to someone in a different department so that another function, such as setting credit card limit, can be taken care of immediately. Whereas current call centers require customers to repeat information when they are referred to new company representatives, M>WebTouch call forwarding ensures that each representative receives the information that the customer has shared in previous interactions. Also included are the responses of the previous representative. All profile information is displayed on an easy to read M>WebTouch agent screen, which can be adapted to meet specific business needs. M>WebTouch 3.0 call escalation allows a sales agent to send a call to someone who has more expertise or decision-making ability. By quickly connecting the customer to the right representative, e-businesses experience dramatic increases in the sales closure rate and enhanced customer satisfaction.

A Global Boost to Customer Satisfaction and On-line Sales By definition, e-businesses that want to be successful have to extend their reach to global markets. As a result, MATRAnet's M>WebTouch 3.0 provides multi-byte character support that allows communication in Asian languages. In addition, Java-less live chat extends the browser platform coverage to virtually all standard platforms. M>WebTouch 3.0 now runs on Linux and Oracle 8i databases in addition to Wintel and Solaris platforms. With these enhancements to M>WebTouch 3.0, MATRAnet demonstrates a commitment to helping e-businesses integrate effective customer relationship management into their web-site -- a proven strategy for increasing customer retention, and boosting a company's competitive advantage. M>WebTouch 3.0 will be available in April.

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