MATRAnet Unveils Latest in Real Time Customer Interaction Solutions for Web-Based Businesses WebTouch 2.0 Adds A "Human Touch" To E-Business

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Date : 08/17/1999

MATRAnet Unveils Latest in Real Time Customer Interaction Solutions for Web-Based Businesses WebTouch 2.0 Adds A "Human Touch" To E-Business

MATRAnet, Inc., a leader in Internet solutions, today announced the newest release of its e-business enabling software, M>WebTouch 2.0. Version 2.0 delivers on the strategic aspects of sales, marketing and customer service, giving e-businesses a better understanding of their customers and the ability to improve the quality of service.

M>WebTouch 2.0 provides e-businesses with the ability to engage and communicate with consumers in a variety of ways including live, interactive chat, form-based e-mail response or direct e-mail messaging. Now, emerging and established e-businesses can dynamically track, profile and target visitors with the same capability that has been previously reserved for very large corporations with unlimited resources.

"WebTouch 2.0 is ideal for emerging and mid-tier businesses that have previously found this level of customer service to be cost prohibitive. Now, any internet business from brick and mortar firms with e-commerce web sites to truly virtual storefronts can engage with consumers in ways they never before believed to be possible," says Daniel Chatelain, president and COO of MATRAnet, Inc.

Convert Browsers Into Loyal Buyers

The explosion in online shopping brings with it the traditional retailing challenge of turning window shoppers into paying customers. M>WebTouch 2.0 provides the interactive tools that allow e-businesses to get their products and the information about their products in front of potential customers.

Version 2.0 also provides live agents with a complete history of past and present interests of individual consumers, allowing these agents to function as highly-effective inside sales people. Agents also have the ability to suggest additional merchandise or services based on the consumer's own browsing behavior. The result is a dramatic increase in the sales closure rate and the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Provide Crucial Marketing Metrics

M>WebTouch 2.0 delivers return on investment. Electronic retailers can accurately measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns based on comprehensive information about various portions of the site including detailed traffic patterns and the length of time that consumers linger on pages that capture their attention.

"Our product delivers the crucial information web retailers need to streamline what is working on their site and eliminate what is not. However, even the most well-designed site can leave a potential customer with unanswered questions that may prevent a sale. WebTouch 2.0 solves this problem, allowing electronic retailers to create a Nordstrom-like shopping experience," explains Mr. Chatelain.

Customer Service And Online Shopping

An estimated $7 billion dollars will be spent in online shopping this holiday, more than twice as much as last year, according to International Data Corporation. The sheer volume of online buying expected from first time shoppers this year offers terrific opportunities for retailers to increase their sales and expand their customer base. But it is the quality of service during first-time contact that will determine whether these consumers become loyal customers.

Because all profile information is displayed on an easy-to-read screen which can be adapted to meet business needs, retailers can feel confident that every customer question will receive the care and attention it deserves.

More Than Tracking Features of WebTouch 2.0

Intelligent call routing, detailed agent screens and e-mail management systems allow businesses to effectively manage communication with the consumer to ensure consistent responses and business practices. M>WebTouch 2.0 is based on open standard architecture, designed to be easily deployed and seamlessly integrated with existing systems and legacy databases.


M>WebTouch 2.0 is immediately available through the direct MATRAnet, Inc. sales force.