Multichannel Customer Experience Study 2015


Multichannel Customer Experience Study 2015

The 2017 edition is available to download now.

Over the past four years Eptica has been benchmarking the UK customer experience by evaluating 100 leading brands on their ability to provide answers to routine questions via the web, email, Twitter and web chat.

The research aims to mimic the behaviour of ordinary consumers across digital channels.

The findings demonstrate ten key trends in customer service:

  1. The web is the primary digital channel for customer service
  2. Email sees improvements in speed and availability
  3. Twitter grows in importance
  4. Are brands keeping pace with consumer requirements?
  5. Companies are failing to be multichannel
  6. Resources are thinly stretched
  7. The growth of unichannel
  8. Widening chasm between best and worst
  9. Half of questions remain unanswered
  10. Consistency is lacking

Download the full study for infographics, sector breakdowns and a best practice guide to improving Customer Experience.

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