M>WebTouch 2.0 Named 1999 Product of the Year by Communications Solutions!

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Date : 12/22/1999

M>WebTouch 2.0 Named 1999 Product of the Year by Communications Solutions!

Redwood Shores, Cailfornia, USA.

Today, Communications Solutions!, formerly Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), announced M>WebTouch 2.0 as the recipient of the Product of the Year award in the Customer Contact category. M>WebTouch 2.0, a customer relationship management solution, combines real-time profiling and personalization capabilities with interactive customer engagement technology, enabling businesses to leverage their current investments in sales, marketing, and customer support staff through the web like never before. M>WebTouch 2.0 is part of a complete suite of products and services offered by MATRAnet, Inc., a leader in e-business solutions.

M>WebTouch 2.0 gives e-businesses the ability to provide superior sales, marketing, and customer service online by engaging and communicating with consumers in a variety of ways including e-mail, live communication via e-mail chat, regular phone, IP telephony, collaborative browsing or a combination of these forms. Furthermore, M>WebTouch works with existing web sites without changing the site itself, greatly simplifying rollout and test.

Industries such as banking have realized that many transactions require a high level of interactivity between the customer and their financial advisor that stretches far beyond a simple exchange of emails. Cetelem, Europe's leading consumer credit institution, recently selected M>WebTouch to deliver first class customer service to their online customers.

"We are delighted that M>WebTouch 2.0 was selected for Product of the Year. Awards such as these indicate that the bar in online customer service has been raised," says Fabrice Bourdeix, CEO of MATRAnet, Inc. "What sets us apart is that our product is a completely integrated solution of four capabilities including live chat, profiling, email and comprehensive reporting. As merchants build their businesses they will want to know who their customers are and how to use profiling capabilities in order to provide superior customer service." With these capabilities, electronic retailers can accurately measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns based on comprehensive information about site visitor behavior including detailed traffic patterns and the length of time that consumers linger on pages that capture their attention.

In January, according to Bourdeix, e-businesses will be taking a hard look at the success of their customer service during the holidays. The sheer volume of online buying expected from first time shoppers this year offers terrific opportunities for retailers to increase their sales and expand their customer base. But, it is the quality of service during first-time contact that determines whether these consumers become loyal customers throughout the year.

"As the call center industry matures, we're finding more than just products and services on the market - entire solutions are being offered," says TMC president and group publisher Rich Tehrani. "Communications Solutions"! magazine initiated the Product of the Year award program to help our readers sort through the vast proliferation of new products and services in the marketplace. The Product of the Year award, selected by the editors of CTI and the engineers of TMC Labs, is given to those select products, such as MATRAnet's M>WebTouch 2.0, that deserve the attention of forward-thinking organizations looking for best-of-breed solutions. We are pleased to honor the Product of the Year winners, as they lay the groundwork for the next generation of communications solutions."