SeCA + Progimark 2002 Exhibition: Eptica will present its latest version 4.5 of M>WebTouch enriched with features dedicated to outsourcers.

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Date : 04/11/2002

SeCA + Progimark 2002 Exhibition: Eptica will present its latest version 4.5 of M>WebTouch enriched with features dedicated to outsourcers.

Eptica will present its latest version 4.5 of M>WebTouch enriched with features dedicated to outsourcers

SeCA + Progimark 2002 exhibition | Paris Parc des expositions - Porte de Versailles | 29-31 May 2002 - Hall 4 - stand C2A

Eptica, the software editor of customer service solutions via Internet, Business & Decision, specialized in data engineering and consulting in Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and E-Business, and Com6, Business & Decision's Multi-Channel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) subsidiary, join forces to present the «Multichannel Village» at SeCA-Progimark 2002.

Today, there are no real multi-channel solutions on the market offering all the features necessary to set up a truly multi-channel Call Center. The aim of the «Multichannel Village» (stand C2A) presented by Com6 and Business & Decision, with partners such as Eptica, is to present the latest state-of-the-art solutions and their synergies: dealing with voice interactions (Com6), email and live interaction over the Web (Eptica), and providing consulting and integration (Business & Decision).

At SeCA-Progimark 2002, Eptica will present the latest version of its M>WebTouch solution, offering three new features specifically developed for outsourcers. Indeed, the typically set-up of an outsourcer is to have a centralized platform of agents organized according to the skills and competences of the agents, and the clients they service. However, in order to optimize resources the system must enable agents to be re-allocation according to traffic fluctuations.

The new features:

  • M>WebTouch 4.5 offers advanced agent management thanks to its new reporting and administrative features: the solution allows companies to monitor and manage large pools of agents working simultaneously on different campaigns. This intelligent management of agents or groups of agents offers companies an analytical view of the resources of their Contact Center.
  • The latest 4.5 version of M>WebTouch is capable of assisting the agent during the response process by presenting him with a selection of predefined response templates that correspond best to the client's request. This feature increases agents' productivity levels and empowers them to rapidly provide pertinent response to clients' requests. Furthermore, this mechanism can constantly be monitored by the supervisor to ensure that the responses made are of high quality.
  • Lastly , a new API enables companies to connect M>WebTouch with 3rd party applications that provides industry specific response templates. This will allow companies to take into account when necessary the company's existing databases or business rules.

About Eptica

Eptica, a MATRAnet spin-off, is a leading provider of e-CRM software solutions enabling e-business orientated companies or companies who want to take full advantage of their web site, to create, develop and manage in real-time their relationship with clients, suppliers or partners via the Internet. Eptica Enterprise Suite M>WebTouch can be delivered through 3 modules:

  • Eptica E-Mail Management: efficiently manage a large number of incoming e-mails and provide your clients with fast, accurate, and personalized responses
  • Eptica Live Interaction: interact with your customers via the Web using chat, Web page pushing, co-browsing or form-sharing
  • Eptica Profiling & Customer Behavior Analysis: fully understand your customers, their needs and their expectations thanks to the module's tracking and profiling features

Eptica's innovative solution, the Eptica Enterprise Suite M>WebTouch, is distributed through its international network of partners to large companies such as DealTime (USA), Peace Systems Integration (Taiwan), (Spain) and (France)