Sitel has opted for Eptica's Email Management solution to help it manage Danone's customer emails

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Date : 10/06/2005

Sitel has opted for Eptica's Email Management solution to help it manage Danone's customer emails

Danone, the world leading provider of fresh dairy products and retailed bottled water has chosen the contact centre specialists Sitel, to manage its customers’ inbound phone calls and letters. Leveraging Eptica’s Email Management solution, Sitel will now equally manage Danone’s customer emails

Paris, October 6th, 2005 - Danone Group, the world leader in fresh dairy products and bottled water, and N.2 for Biscuits and Cereal products, presents its feedback on Sitel's customer service performances. Indeed, Sitel France, the French subsidiary of the international leader of contact centre solutions, answers all customer queries regarding Danone's entire suite of products and services, ranging from baby food to the company's magazine distributed to 3.5 million households.

Since September 2002, Sitel has a team of dieticians able to give out specific advice on food and nutritional issues. This service is available in one form or another, 24/24H, seven days a week, all year round. Composed of 13 agents, 3 team managers, an assistant and a quality manager, the team answers approximately 8000 contacts every month, among which 1500 are letters. Today, Sitel is helping Danone launch a new form of contact centre that is able to manage additional communication channels such as email. This is done by leveraging Eptica's specialised e-CRM software solution: Eptica Email Management.

Providing excellent quality of service is Danone's leitmotiv, and benchmarks such as those done by the CAQ 40 proves this, as it regularly quotes Danone as being one of the top 3 French companies in terms of customer service.

Sitel does not limit its work with Danone to simply answering customer's queries but equally provides many others value-added services such as:

  • Defining the right way of presenting the company and its products
  • Updating Danone's knowledge base; - Providing feedback on market trends or specific issues
  • Participating in selective external operation organised by Danone
  • Being always ready to manage a crisis following the publication information in the press that has lead to a communication issue at the national level

In anticipation of this potential problem, measures have been carefully planned out in order to ensure that customer contacts would be immediately managed via Sitel's La Rochelle, Casablanca or Parisian contact centres. Their role would be to reassure the consumer and communicate Danone's official announcements and provide advice on the various brands.

Sitel's Account Manager, Antonia Hartmann who has worked on the Danone account since the beginning, believes that "I'm lucky to work with a very mature, autonomous and meticulous team where everyone takes their work at heart. The agents' hard working hours has contributed to the development of a sense of solidarity and quality communication among its members, with an outstandingly low absenteeism rate… often lower than 1% which shows great commitment."

The initially signed contract between Sitel and Danone has been extended to include email management. It represents a significant step towards developing a new model of contact centres. After deployment, Sitel France will become a reference in terms of standards of quality. The format would then be extend to Danone's other sites around the world.

In addition to the program based in Paris, Danone also works with Sitel in Spain and in Portugal. Sitel welcomes this renewed confidence and extension to other countries, and sees this as a return on its commitment and quality of service.

About Danone

With strong brands such as Danone, Evian and Lu, Group DANONE helps people around the world grow, live better and get more out of life through tastier, more varied and healthier food products - every day.

Danone is one of the World leaders in the food industry

  • Nº 1 worldwide in Fresh Dairy Products
  • Nº 1 worldwide equally placed in Bottled Water (by volume)
  • Nº 2 worldwide in Biscuits and Cereal Products

Today, Danone Group employs 89,449 people in more than 120 countries. In 2004, the Group realised a turnover of 13 700 million Euros. The company communicates its core values through its management principles in the company and in its attention toward consumer's health, products tastes and quality, and its social and environmental preoccupations. For more information:

About Eptica

Eptica is a leading provider of e-CRM software solutions enabling e-business orientated companies or companies who want to take full advantage of their web site, to create, develop and manage in real-time their relationship with clients, suppliers or partners via the Internet.

A spin-off of the group EADS, Eptica offers an innovative range of e-CRM solutions entirely conceived to enable companies reach two crucial objectives:

  • Offer live interactive customer service and support over the Internet using e-mail, chat, co-browsing or form-sharing
  • Build long-lasting personalized relationships with their clients thanks to an in-depth understanding of their expectations and specific needs

Eptica's comprehensive suite, the Eptica Enterprise Suite, is distributed through its international network of partners, VARs and consultants such as Capgemini, Steria, Accenture, Bull, Atos Wordline, Valoris, JP Technologies, Altrasoft, JetMultimedia, AmecSpie, Newpoint, FrontCall, Callone, IMC in France. And internationally, Smartcall(UK), JEM Technologies (UK), Green Meadows (Benelux), Business&Decision (Spain). Some of our clients in France are Crédit du Nord, Sofinco, IONIS, Cofinoga, ING Direct, Crédit Agricole, Médiatis… in the Financial Sector; INSEE, CPAM, CNED, Chamber of Commerce Nice Côte d'Azur,, SACEM, Pas de Calais Habitat… in the Public Sector; La Redoute, FNAC, France Loisirs, Marionnaud Parfumeries, EDITIS (Bordas, Nathan…), Verbaudet, Daxon and Somewhere (PinaultPrintempsRedoute Group), Club Dial and (Universal Group), Mistergooddeal, Eveil et jeux, Prisma Presse… in the Retail Sector; LaSer, Sitel, Arvato services, Acticall, Nemesis, Action Market … as Outsourceurs; UCPA, Voyage Loisirs, Viva Vacances, France Billet,, Nouvelles Frontières… in the Tourism & Leisure Sector; Prisma Press, Gandi, Les Taxis Bleus, Club Internet, Meetic, Tir Groupé… in the Services Sector. And internationally, DealTime (USA), Peace Systems Integration (Taiwan), (Spain) …

About Sitel

Sitel is a leading global provider of outsourced customer support services. On behalf of many of the world's leading organizations, Sitel designs and improves customer contact models across its clients' customer acquisition, retention and development cycles. The American company Sitel which turnover in 2003 reach 846,5 M$ has over 32,000 employees in 88 global contact centres, utilizing more than 25 languages and dialects to serve customers in 55 countries. Sitel currently manages approximately two million customer contacts per day via telephone, e-mail, Internet, traditional mail, and other media.

Sitel begins its operations in France in 1998 and operates since three quality sites located in Paris, La Rochelle and Casablanca with approximately 1000 employees and a capacity of more than 1200 positions. Sitel solutions are available in French as well as multilingual European programs adapted to the specific needs of each one of its clients.