Webinar: Artificial Intelligence: Changing the CX Landscape


Webinar: Artificial Intelligence: Changing the CX Landscape

We invite you to play this webinar to find out how conversational & collaborative solutions powered by AI can enhance digital CX, enabling companies to put digital CX at the heart of their strategy & create value across all operations:

Presenters: Steve Nattress, Product Manager, Enterprise Engagement & Brad Bennett, Presales Manager, Eptica


The continuing improvements in artificial intelligence (AI) technology is transforming how organizations are able to deliver customer experiences. It is enabling companies to think beyond simple process automation and to begin to use AI to interact with customers, understanding their questions and holding more meaningful conversations.

However, simple machine learning, which digests millions of interactions to deliver the statistically strongest response is not enough for the conversational customer experience that consumers demand. Instead, what is needed is to use AI techniques such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand a query, and deliver the best response to that individual question. Every consumer is an individual and wants to be treated as such, rather than simply be provided with an approximate answer that has been given to thousands of others.

Customer experience is at a turning point – it has never been more important to the success of a business, but at the same time how companies deliver the experience that consumers expect has to change. They need to adopt platforms and strategies that are conversational, collaborative and cognitive if they are to consistently deliver what consumers want and therefore build long-term relationships that safeguard the future of their businesses.

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