Closing off the feedback loop

Closing off the feedback loop

Published on: June 02, 2011
Author: Epticablog
Understanding what your customers want is critical to company success. If you don’t offer the right products or services they will obviously head off elsewhere, hitting sales and ultimately hurting your company. But ensuring that the feedback you get is accurate and usable can be difficult. Just look at the fiasco when Coca Cola tried to change its formula – while customers liked the flavour of New Coke in blind test tastes, it wasn’t something they wanted as a replacement.

So companies need to find ways of collecting feedback that are seamless and trustworthy. Websites provide a perfect platform for this – by analysing the questions that people ask you can get their views, directly and without any ambiguity.

Yet forthcoming Eptica research has shown that over three quarters of the UK’s top companies are still closing off this invaluable feedback loop. The Eptica Multichannel Customer Service Study found that 77 per cent of websites still rely on static Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages to provide customer answers. Not only are these never comprehensive enough to answer everyone’s queries, but they simply don’t record which questions that customers are actually viewing. Essentially this means that these companies are missing out on the chance to listen to what their customers want and design products and services accordingly. In contrast, installing Web Self-service systems enable organisations to track questions, provide answers and use this insight positively.

The Eptica Multichannel Customer Service Study will be available in June – to pre-register for your copy simply click here.    

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