Delivering a global customer experience

Delivering a global customer experience

Published on: July 12, 2013
Author: Epticablog

The web provides the opportunity for completely new business models, enabling small, lean organisations to compete against much larger players. To succeed they have to be able to deliver what customers want and be responsive to their needs. Consequently service and the customer experience are central to how they must operate.

A great example of how customer service innovation is driving success is at Eptica customer Easyroommate. The world’s number one flatshare and houseshare website, it operates in 37 countries and 12 languages across the globe. Delivering customer service for its 844,000 worldwide users across multiple channels, languages, countries, locations and time zones is incredibly complex, particularly for a small business with a dispersed customer service team.  Easyroommate’s 23 agents are split between its main contact centre in London, outsourced partners and teams in Africa, Asia and Latin America who provide local language and time zone support.

By deploying Eptica across the email and web channels Easyroommate has transformed the customer experience and improved productivity. Customer service calls have reduced by 75%, email handling time by 58% and First Contact Resolution has increased to above 90% - despite a 30% increase in users.

Over half (53%) of all interactions are now via web self-service, which is available in eight languages on Easyroommate sites for the UK, France, Italy, Spain, USA, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Netherlands, Poland and Germany. This frees up customer service staff, giving them time to deliver a personalised service to callers with more complex enquiries.

Easyroommate’s  20,000 monthly emails are handled through Eptica Email Management. All incoming emails are now automatically analysed and sent to the agent with the best skills to answer them, along with a suggested response in one of 11 local languages. This has dramatically reduced the average time to answer, more than halving (58%) it from 48 hours to 20.

In recognition of its success, Easyroommate has been announced as a finalist in the SME category at the prestigious UK Customer Experience Awards. Now in their fourth year, the Awards are presented in partnership with Customer Experience Magazine and the Cranfield Customer Management Forum (CCMF). They celebrate and promote excellence and this year’s standard was higher than ever before. You can read the full shortlist on the UK CE Awards website and find out more about how Easyroommate is using Eptica here.

Congratulations to Easyroommate on its success so far – and good luck at the final judging on 17 October!  

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