Making call centres multichannel

Making call centres multichannel

Published on: September 23, 2013
Author: Eptica

When customer service became formalised into a specific department the primary channels were the telephone and post. Hence staff were organised in a call centre, as a large part of their job was answering telephone calls, along with responding to letters from customers.

A lot has changed since then, with a plethora of new channels now available for customers. The rise of email, the web, social media and chat provide a real choice. In today’s world, organisations need to deliver the same high levels of service across multiple channels if they are to win and retain customers.

Delivering this service effectively and efficiently is vital. A new partnership between Worldline (the Atos subsidiary for e-payment services) and Eptica aims to help organisations achieve this by managing all interactions, regardless of channel, through a single solution. The new unified multichannel interaction management solution brings together Worldline’s expertise in automatic call distribution with Eptica's capability to manage interactions through all other contact channels (email, chat, SMS, social networks, mobile devices and web self-service), to deliver a unified contact centre solution.

This new multilingual enterprise solution improves efficiency and the overall experience for customers. Through a centralised knowledgebase and a powerful workflow engine it automatically analyses all incoming interactions, routing them to the best available agent. At its heart is Eptica’s advanced Sentiment Analysis capability, which analyses the tone of incoming messages, helping to identifying the most sensitive or urgent interactions for agents to deal with. This ensures contact centres benefit from unparalleled control and flexibility, while customers receive a consistent, high quality response, whatever contact channel they choose.

Agents and managers will access the new solution through a single interface that spans every channel, reducing training and administration time and delivering a unified experience across the contact centre. The SaaS solution will be distributed by Worldline and is available in French, English and German.

The solution is currently being implemented as part of the Belgian Card Stop project, a cross-industry collaboration between all Belgian banks. It will enable customers of any bank to cancel their bank card by emailing or calling a single contact centre. Using the solution of Worldline and Eptica, this contact centre will be able to manage the classification and routing of all customer requests received by telephone and email, in Belgium's three official languages of French, Dutch and German.

With customers demanding service across a growing range of channels, delivering this effectively is at the heart of business success. The new partnership between Eptica and Worldline ensures that companies have the technology and capabilities they need to make excellent service a reality, every time.

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