Published on: June 24, 2011
Author: Epticablog

As we head into the summer, everyone’s thoughts turn to holidays. However a combination of trouble in many Middle Eastern countries, strikes and protests in Greece, and planned tube strikes in London threaten to potentially derail many holiday plans.

Of course the vast majority of travel bookings will be unaffected by these issues, but it is vital that holiday companies provide real reassurance to their customers if they are to prevent cancellations by worried travellers.

Given the fast moving nature of these disruptions a generic stock response hidden away on a website is no longer enough. What is needed is constantly updated, consistent content, tailored to each potential area that holidaymakers are interested in. And this shouldn’t just be tucked away on a corner of the website – make it visible on the web, post it on social media, such as company Facebook pages, and make it available to contact centre agents answering emails or phone calls.

This approach maximises accuracy, reassures travellers and keeps them up to date with the latest news – it also helps build customer confidence as they feel they are being kept in the loop, even if fast-changing events are often outside the holiday company’s control. Given that the summer holiday season is approaching quickly, now is the time for travel companies to invest in knowledge-based systems for up to the minute customer service.

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