What Google Analytics teaches us about customer service

What Google Analytics teaches us about customer service

Published on: April 21, 2011
Author: Epticablog
Pretty much every business today operates in a multi-channel environment. Even purchases that are completed in the High Street have often been extensively researched on the websites of retailers, product manufacturers, competitors and review sites.

To meet this need Google is piloting a new Analytics feature called Multi-Channel Funnels which maps all the marketing channels that impact the final sale. It is a limited pilot at present, but could potentially be a great tool for demonstrating how channels interact, and where best to spend marketing budgets.

However when companies analyse the multi-channel customer journey that they need to ensure customer service is an integral part of the process. Customers get rightly annoyed if they call the contact centre and their records aren’t up to date, and it is the same if they interact with the company on Facebook, Twitter, email or the web. Companies need to make sure this integration enables them to apply their Web Analytics software to their customer self-service pages. Using software such as Eptica’s gives complete visibility of the customer journey, providing an instant overview of customer concerns, through the questions they are asking.

To make this Multi-Channel Service Funnel work companies have to put in place an overall customer service infrastructure that not only shares information, but is responsive to the different stages of the customer journey. Take someone browsing on your website for the first time – jumping straight in and offering web chat appears heavy handed and pushy. But if someone is pausing on the checkout page after spending a long time researching your products, a simple, proactive web chat can cement the sale. So, don’t just rely on Google but put in place a flexible, multi-channel customer service platform around it to deliver tailored service that will turn a search into a sale.

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