Why contact centres need to embrace omnichannel

Published on: September 17, 2021
Author: Pauline Ashenden - Demand Generation Manager

Customers are now more demanding – and want to be able to contact organisations across more and more channels. They expect to be able to swap between these channels as their needs change, meaning the contact centre has to become omnichannel.

Which channels do consumers prefer for customer service and why?

Published on: July 30, 2021
Author: Pauline Ashenden - Demand Generation Manager

With consumers using an increasing number of channels for customer service, ensuring your company has the right mix backed by the correct level of resources is becoming even harder.

Delivering excellent customer service at the moments that matter

Published on: June 11, 2021
Author: Pauline Ashenden - Demand Generation Manager

Successfully engaging with customers means delivering the right experience, personalised to their needs. This is especially true at the “moments of truth”, highly emotional times when things go wrong and which make or break relationships...

Successfully embracing AI for customer service

Published on: May 14, 2021
Author: Pauline Ashenden - Demand Generation Manager

How can artificial intelligence help deliver a better customer experience and how far down the path to AI has the industry travelled? What will be the impact on agents and customers?

3 areas to focus on to meet changing customer needs

Published on: March 12, 2021
Author: Pauline Ashenden - Demand Generation Manager

Today’s consumers are increasingly demanding when it comes to customer service, particularly around digital, omnichannel and mobile. How can organisations meet their needs in these three key areas?

4 areas to focus on for successful CX in 2021

Published on: January 22, 2021
Author: Pauline Ashenden - Demand Generation Manager

With customer experience now key to winning and retaining business for every organisation how can contact centres play their part?

Practical ways to reduce hidden contact centre costs

Published on: January 08, 2021
Author: Pauline Ashenden - Demand Generation Manager

In current times businesses are looking at how they can optimise their operations and work as efficiently as possible, while still delivering the high levels of customer service that consumers expect. This post outlines 5 key areas to focus on if you want to reduce hidden costs in the contact centre...

Why you can no longer ignore SaaS for your CX applications

Published on: August 28, 2018
Author: Pascal Gauvrit - CTO

Look in almost any industry sector and you’ll notice that the way software applications are deployed has changed radically with the rise of the Cloud. And this is just as true in the Customer Experience (CX) market. For those considering a move from on-premise to SaaS here are the 5 key advantages…

6 factors driving contact center change

Published on: October 26, 2016
Author: Dharmesh Ghedia

With customer service being at the top of the business agenda for organizations, what are the trends that are impacting contact centers? To find out, analyst ContactBabel surveyed 216 UK contact center managers and directors. Reading through the results, six key conclusions stand out..